premium creams

Sisinni Premium Creams

With the creation of the Premium Spreads series, the "Sweetest History" of the Sisinni family has opened new flavor trails. Natural raw materials such as almonds, sesame seeds, gianduia and hazelnuts blend harmoniously and create delightful, velvety textures, rich in nutrients. A health and energy ally in five flavors.

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family creams

Sisinni Family Spreads

Delicious spreads with hazelnuts and cocoa in different flavors that will excite both young and old. Prepared with the best raw materials without preservatives or additives. With their crunchy or velvety texture they are ideal for spreading on bread, crepes, cakes or biscuits, but if you ask us, you only need one teaspoon.

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sisinni jams

Sisinni Jams

Jams with a rich flavor of different fruits to be eaten with a teaspoon but not only! They are oven safe, suitable for confectionery and spreading. Use to prepare delicious tarts and pasta frolla, or for filling croissants, biscuits, donuts and puff pastries.

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With fruit pulp or cocoa, they are suitable for topping on ice cream, crepes, donuts and other sweets or for cake decoration.
They come in the delicious flavors of cherry, strawberry, caramel and chocolate.

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The most explosive sweetness of the world in three wonderful flavors. Milk chocolate, classic and beloved.
Dark chocolate, for those who love the bitter flavor, but also those who take care of their calories.
White chocolate, for lovers of vanilla.

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chocolate compound

Chocolate Compound

With a taste and texture very close to chocolate, you will have difficulty understanding the difference. Besides, they have the same composition as regular chocolates, except that they contain other vegetable fats onstead of cocoa butter. They are available in 1kg plates and trimmings, suitable for decoration.

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The classical and favourite to all spreads, with hazelnut and cocoa. They are prepared with the best raw ingredients,
without preservatives and additives and are available
exclusively in the Greek market, in selected supermarkets.

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Our all time classic spread Lauri - the richest in hazelnut content of our products - was created 20 years ago and has been produced non-stop ever since. As a product it represents all we stand for in our commitment to quality and it is the proud legacy of our growing business. It is available in two versions, with and without sugar, but also in single-dose portions.

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