At Rito's Food, we constantly strive to create new products to satisfy your needs.
A continuously expanding variety of chocolate products, spread creams and marmalade
specially made with your needs in mind.   
The choice for your raw materials is yours for best value mix of characteristics
all the way from color and liquidity to quality and price!
Our people are proud of the quality of the
products they produce
A wide variety of retail products
Rito's Food was the first Greek
company to offer private label
hazelnut praline with cocoa for
the retail. We offer a wide
variety of products for
retailers, under the labels
“Lauri”, “Bambu” and “Sisinni”.
These include pralines with
cocoa, pralines with dry nuts
paste, jams, syrups and
chocolates. Many of these
products are produced for
supermarket chains, both
domestic and international,
under their own private labels.
Find the
chocolate you love!
Quality assurance begins
in our labs
For us, at Rito's Food, food safety and quality
are bound together and are essential
throughout our processes. We carefully
select our raw material sources and control
their quality in our fully equipped and
certified labs. We systematically train our
personnel to the strict sanitary and food
safety practices applied and regularly
audited throughout the production process.
Deal with your products,
not the raw materials!

We understand the challenges in
production of confectionery
products. At Rito’s we strive to
provide you with first class
service and support. We offer
our products responsibly and
professionally. Your product’s
market success is our goal.
Rito's Food   |   EST. 1983