Rito's Food S.A. is a family business, founded in 1983
by Giacomo and Mary Sisinni, both degreed Engineers
of the University of Naples, Italy. Their passion and
devotion for the highest quality products and
Giacomo’s intimate knowledge of food production,
contributed to the rapid growth of the company.
Rito’s Food specializes in chocolate and raw materials
for the confectionery production. It addresses both
large industrial and small confectionery producers.
Our products are produced in our privately
modern facilities in Kilkis (northern Greece) in
automated, high technology production lines.
Continuous demanding quality controls are applied
throughout the production line from raw materials
receipt to product packing and shipment. Our own in
house biochemical and microbiological fully equipped
chemical lab continuously monitors the quality of the
products. The company is now lead by the Sisinni
children continuing the family tradition of high quality
products and service to the customers.
Raw materials
The magic in your products begin with the raw materials. We are
always close to the suppliers that we select, so as to insure, with this
close partnership,  the best possible result of our production. All raw
materials  go through the necessary microbiological checks , before
entering  our installations, but are also examined afterwords again,  in
order to certify that they comply with the quality specifications. They
are stored at temperature and humidity controlled storages, and
regularly renewed to offer to our products the optimum life span.
Environmentally friendly
We try to keep an environmentally friendly and
responsible production line, optimizing energy efficiency
in well maintained automated production lines. Final
products are stored in environmentally controlled
storerooms, optimized for the specific product
temperature and humidity.
Research and development
Rito’s Food invests heavily in R&D. A team of
well-trained chemists with over 10 pilot
machines endeavor for safer and healthier new
products, improved legacy products and more
efficient production.
Rito's Food was one of the first companies in Greece to be
certified by the internationally accepted HACCP regulations.
We are certified to the   latest ISO 22000:2005 and  FSSC
22000:2010 as well as the  Vegan products production
certification (certification No ICB/60105FS), the rules of Halal
(certification n. 022/2016) and the Biological products
certification (certification n. 10690-3/16)
With passion and
dedication since 1983
Rito's Food   |   EST. 1983